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Executive Committee

2024 Executive Officers

2024 Executive Committee in Picture (Left to Right): Dean Scott Hunter, Shelby Rohr,
Amy Pennybacker, Julie Bartoy, Emily Wigodski, Chris MacKenzie, Cathy Hasse,
Louise Giles, Bruce Gray, David Martin, Jean Wingblad, Elliot MacFarlane

2024 Officers – Title
Name / E-mail


Chris MacKenzie

First Vice-President

Bruce Gray

Second Vice-President

Jean Wingblad

Recording Secretary

Louise Giles

Society Treasurer

Amy Pennybacker

Membership Secretary

Julie Bartoy

Communications Director

Shelby Rohr

Cultural Activities Director

Emily Wigodski

Society Bard

Elliot MacFarlane

Society Chaplain

Dean Scott Hunter

Society Piper

David Martin

Highland Games Chair

Cathy Hasse


Rod Harris


Amy Pennybacker

Doug Reith


Shelby Rohr

Board of Trustees

2024 Board of Trustees

2024 Board of  Trustees in Picture (Left to Right) – Beth Frahm, Kent Richards,
Amy Pennybacker, Lynette McLeod, Kim Martin, Bob Richardson, Bob Crawford,
Chris MacKenzie, Elliot MacFarlane

Not pictured: Cliff Les, Tim Reade

2024 Board of Trustees
Term of Office

Elliot MacFarlane (Chair)

2022 – 2024

Beth Frahm (Co-Vice Chair)

2023 – 2025

Kent Richards (Co-Vice Chair)

2024 – 2026

Clifford Les (Secretary)

2023 – 2025

Robert Crawford

2024 – 2026

Lynette McLeod

2022 – 2024

Kim Martin

2022 – 2024

Tim Reade

2023 – 2025

Bob Richardson

2024 – 2026

Our Location


St. Andrew’s Society of Detroit
Kilgour Scottish Centre
2363 Rochester Road
Troy, MI  48083


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